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Objects are all around us every day. They can be useful, or beautiful. We often use them in a careless and automatic way. About 1 century ago with the rise of contemporary Design, objects became an expression of social imaginary, material shapes of the Zeitgeist as well as of the views of their designer: a vehicle of culture. Thanks to the intuition of a specific branch of puppetry, which we will call “Object & Figure Theatre”, objects can also be storytellers. They thus transcend their material and utilitarian dimension to earn a soul, a life, a destiny of their own. The Puppets & Design project (P&D) aims to emancipate everyday objects from their utilitarian feature, instead lifting them up to the role of meaning and artistic expression conveyers, communication and intercultural dialogue tools. P&D will interweave the paths of puppet theater artists and of designers. The designers’ competence can help puppetry to renew itself; puppetry and object animation will help designers to rethink objects and give them a soul by giving them specific shapes. P&D will innovate the Puppetry practice and increase its popularity with adults, children, families, schools by cross-fertilization with design practitioners (professional designers, scholars, students) through a set of cultural, educational and promotional EU activities. P&D involves 3 puppet theatres (from IT, CZ, SI) and a higher education school of design (from ES). The project will provide new artistic and professional inputs to both puppetry and design practitioners, and to the audience, whom the project aims to expand and diversify by focusing on objects which could belong to everyone’s daily experience yet can provide self-produced artistic experiences. The project’s dissemination events strategy will foster knowledge of the historical and cultural heritage of the "Object & Figure Theatre", often wrongly confined to the children's world, gaining to it an increasingly widespread and diverse audience..


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Every thing has its place, its memory, its character. Every thing has its own life, that can have similarities to human ones. We will research and define different aspects of unexpected, old objects by animating them, changing them into musical instruments or by using them as symbols and characters. This way, we will create a wordless language, that will tell stories through objects, movement and sound.
Matija Solce

Matija Solce

The object drinks with the mouth of the animator, sees with his eyes, touches with his hands. It moves and will be moved through him. The animator becomes an accessory to the animated object. If the object wants to skulk it can do it in the pockets of the animator, under his armpits or between his hair.
Giulio Molnàr

Giulio Molnàr

Playwright, director
There must not be an art detached from life, with beautiful things to look at and ugly to use. It must be made clear that as long as art remains stranger to the problems of life it only affects a few people.


Designer, writer
The hands of puppeteer, the hands of animator instead come into contact with the object up to blend in, they caress it, penetrate it, move it, just manipulate it, but at the same time they allow themselves to be enveloped and contrasted, they listen to the touch its forms, history, experiment with possible creative functions.
Fernando Marchiori

Fernando Marchiori

Theatre Critic
Placing an object on stage is like placing a single stone in a Japanese gravel garden. Just a few centimetres off, and the whole space dies. Once the right spot is found, the space’s energies are activated, and from that solitary stone waterfalls will descend like lines skilfully drawn by the rake. It would be invisible water, even more refreshing than the real one, because it is created in the spectators’ minds.
Alessandro Serra

Alessandro Serra

Theatre Director


New ideas for an everyday theatre




The Puppets & Design festival is a focal point for artistic innovation in puppetry, an International Event in 3 section (IT, SI, CZ) able to develops a great audience and media attention.



A series of meetings open to audience, students, artists, during the whole project plan, to provide a public presentation of the activities results, its innovation and creative productions.



Creative residencies on design and creation of new objects/figures prototypes at IED in Madrid, open to designers and puppet artists selected by a call.



Creative residencies for puppet artists to create co-productions to be staged at the European P&D Festival.



puppetry workshops on object animation and puppet making with objects and raw materials in IT, CZ, SI with interational trainers.



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Last upadtaes from the Puppets & Design projects activities

The Living Puppet – Design residency in Madrid

From Monday 22th November 2021 to Friday 26th, 5 days of residency in Madrid with designers and puppet theatre artists... Pinocchio is a Living Puppet, who reaches the physical world from its virtual environment, in which it already possesses a form of intelligence. Acquiring a body, even if it is synthetic, projects it into the world of emotions; not those encoded and pre-established by its programmer, but new ones that arise from the interaction of the body with the environment and with itself.

Nekropolis – Puppets & Design Festival in Prague

Great stars of European puppetry The main attraction of this year’s Nekropolis – Puppets & Design Festival are the experienced matadors of the European puppetry scene, Ariel Doron and Gianluca Di Matteo. Italian puppeteer Gianluca Di Matteo will present a gentle reflection on loneliness and love called Il caffé delle ombre, about a puppeteer who […]

P&D Festival in Gorizia (24.08 – 4.09, 2021)

P&D 2021 Festival in Gorizia is part of the 30th edition of Alpe Adria Puppet Festival by CTA, which would like to reflect upon its history and on the cultural ‘necessity’. And together begin to question the future and imagine unexplored landscapes after this pandemic which has incredibly accelerated a change of which we could already perceive the signs in the way of thinking and organising the cultural offer, and in particular live shows.


  Padova (Italy), 17 May – 11 June 2021 CTA of Gorizia, project leader of the European project “Puppets & Design”, organizes the workshop “Waste Puppets Design. WHAT I AM, WHAT I WAS” in collaboration with the University of Padova DAMS/SPM Degree Courses. This workshop is aimed at developing sensitivity and skills among students and […]


The new domestic narrative workshop. LOOKING FOR HANDS from IED Madrid on Vimeo. Looking for hands is a puppet show resulting of a five days workshop developed in Madrid within the framework of the European Project Puppets & Design in collaboration with the Italian designer, Luca Brucculeri, together with a selection of students from the […]

Circus Production Creative Lab

Michele Sambin edited the video presentation of Circus, the creative workshop that was held in Padua from 26th to 30th of October as part of the Puppets & Design project. A group of artists and designer from Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Czech Republic collaborated during 5 days in the preliminary phase of the birth of new production. An exceptional video edited by the director Sambin, tells this experience in a suggestive and surprising way.


Madrid (Spain), 16-20 November 2020 European Institute on Design (IED) of Madrid, partner of the european project “Puppets and Design”, organizes the Workshop and Creative Residency “Puppets & the New Domestic Narrative“. The program consists of two parts: A Creative Residency with two inspirational talks and a Workshop where students must put into practice the […]

A theoretical path on the Puppets & Design research

A theoretical path We’d like to start with this post a “theoretical path on the Puppets & Design research”. Our goal is that it becomes a virtual place that allows us to constantly and systematically deepen the developments of the research and experiments connected to our project. Puppet and Design: a daily theatre In this […]

Production of “CIRCUS” begins

Padova (Italy), 26-30 Oct 2020 The period of “creative residency” for the production of “CIRCUS” begins in the artistic laboratory of Michele Sambin situated in Padova (Italy). From 26th to 30th of October a group of artists and designer will collaborate as a part of the European project Puppet & Design (Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Czech […]


On 9- 13 March 2020 the first Czech creative residence of Puppets & Design project took place in Prague, with participation of Czech artistic ensemble Studio Damúza, director Matija Solce and foreign guests – Spanish designer from IED Madrid Joel Blanco and Italian stage designer Teresa Neppi. The aim of this first creative residence was […]


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