Production of “CIRCUS” begins

Padova (Italy), 26-30 Oct 2020

The period of “creative residency” for the production of “CIRCUS” begins in the artistic laboratory of Michele Sambin situated in Padova (Italy). From 26th to 30th of October a group of artists and designer will collaborate as a part of the European project Puppet & Design (Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Czech Republic) in order to develop the theatrical potential of one of the Alessi’s catalogue iconic collection, the famous, ironic, colorful Circus series designed by Marcel Wanders.
The objects for the table and for the house invented by the Dutch designer represent a perfect summary of the relationship between the puppet imagery and the design world. A fascinating invite together with a challenge for puppetry open to the comparison with other artistic languages.
Animating by hand the collection’s pieces collocated above a table set to the birthday party of a little girl, and intervening in real time with projection, sound effects and digital light pictures, the artist and performer Michele Sambin will give birth to a multimedial tale that, exalting forms and colors of the materials inspired by the magic of the circus scene, it will transform dishes and cans, salad bowls and nutcracker into main characters of a delicate story addressed to an audience of all ages.
The show will be created and presented in Italy during one of the sessions of the triennial projects, and then it will be brought in each country involved in the project. A documentation of the staging will remain in the materials of the international convention that will be organized in Gorizia to compare theoreticians, artists and designers, and in an original video realized by Sambin himself with the filmaker Raffaella Rivi.

MICHELE SAMBIN: director, musician and painter, conducts research on the relationship between image and sound. Since the early 1970s, he has focused his interest on the intersection of various arts: cinema, music, video, painting. Later he will use the theater as a place of synthesis.

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