A theoretical path on the Puppets & Design research

A theoretical path

We’d like to start with this post a “theoretical path on the Puppets & Design research”. Our goal is that it becomes a virtual place that allows us to constantly and systematically deepen the developments of the research and experiments connected to our project.

Puppet and Design: a daily theatre

In this sense we propose an important contribution of Fernando Marchiori titled: “Puppet and Design: a daily theatre“.

Fernando Marchiori is a theater critic and lecturer at the University of Padua, as well as director of the festivals “Scene di Paglia” (Scenes of Straw) in Padua and “Valli del Natisone” (Valley of the Natisone) in Friuli.

In this contribution he proposes a detailed analysis on the relationship between puppetry and objects of everyday life. Here he develops the conviction that there is a biography of objects rejecting that “marginalization of objects which in previous decades had relegated them to the role of commodities, erasing the narrative and emotional components, according to a typical character of modernity, in which things, from active presences of our life, become consumer goods, whose characteristics are no longer linked to the use practices, but to attractiveness in increasingly large markets” and underlining how much the reaction to this idea coincides, historically, “with the birth and development of puppetry, interested in experimenting practices of dramaturgical use of objects and often starting from a performativity of Little things




Puppet & Design: a daily Theatre. By Fernando Marchiori.


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