Madrid (Spain), 16-20 November 2020

European Institute on Design (IED) of Madrid, partner of the european project “Puppets and Design”, organizes the Workshop and Creative Residency “Puppets & the New Domestic Narrative“.

The program consists of two parts:
A Creative Residency with two inspirational talks and a Workshop where students must put into practice the knowledge acquired during these. Both activities will take place in parallel during the same week.

The Creative residency “New Puppets Narrativity” will consist in a series of talks and meetings inviting experts from different areas: New narrative in contemporary Design and scenography, New narrative for puppeteering, culture,
techniques and typologies, and Digital production, sound and Animation.

The Workshop “Puppets and the new domestic narrative” will last five days tutored by the Italian designer Luca Hugo Brucculeri, ephemeral designer based in Barcelona, where we will work on the hybridization between traditional design techniques and artisan creation – handmade – of puppets and marionettes, with the design of animated digital environments and sounds for the creation of a work of “Hybrid” scenery and characters. There will also be two Master Classes on design and narrative of puppets and marionettes, and on animation and applied sound, taught respectively by the Slovenian Visual and puppets Designer, Špela Trobec, and the Italian-Spanish independent film producer, Zampanò.


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  1. Jorge Gonzalez - November 12, 2020 at 9:29 pm Reply

    Madrid. Me encantaría compartir y dar talleres de diseño de títeres y espacio escénico. Tambiéne encantaría participar en una residencia artística para crear otro espectáculo

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