Padova (Italy), 17 May – 11 June 2021

CTA of Gorizia, project leader of the European project “Puppets & Design”, organizes the workshop “Waste Puppets Design. WHAT I AM, WHAT I WAS” in collaboration with the University of Padova DAMS/SPM Degree Courses.
This workshop is aimed at developing sensitivity and skills among students and professionals from the world of theater and design regarding issues of recycling and creative reuse of waste materials. It will deal with our emotional relationship with objects by investigating their ability to represent us, to express something of who we are and/or what we were, starting from the recovery of objects, instruments, appliances, waste materials that represent participants and that are linked to an age of their life. We will create together dramaturgical and plastic elements that, at the end of the activity, will give life to a final performance-installation that will feature the whole group of participants, under the guidance of Antonio Panzuto, Italian artist and scenographer, flanked by the Spanish designer Miguel Leiro. The Workshop is open to artists from all over Europe.

Deadline 14th May 2021 at 12.00.
Participation is free of costs.

For more information and application, please visit the specific section.

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