The Living Puppet – Design residency in Madrid

From Monday 22th November 2021 to Friday 26th, 5 days of residency in Madrid with designers and puppet theatre artists... Pinocchio is a Living Puppet, who reaches the physical world from its virtual environment, in which it already possesses a form of intelligence. Acquiring a body, even if it is synthetic, projects it into the world of emotions; not those encoded and pre-established by its programmer, but new ones that arise from the interaction of the body with the environment and with itself.


The new domestic narrative workshop. LOOKING FOR HANDS from IED Madrid on Vimeo. Looking for hands is a puppet show resulting of a five days workshop developed in Madrid within the framework of the European Project Puppets & Design in collaboration with the Italian designer, Luca Brucculeri, together with a selection of students from the […]


Madrid (Spain), 16-20 November 2020 European Institute on Design (IED) of Madrid, partner of the european project “Puppets and Design”, organizes the Workshop and Creative Residency “Puppets & the New Domestic Narrative“. The program consists of two parts: A Creative Residency with two inspirational talks and a Workshop where students must put into practice the […]

Let’s Start!

The Puppets & Design project officially opened on 15th and 16th November 2019 with the first meeting between partners, which took place at Villa Coronini Cronberg in Gorizia (IT), head office of CTA (Project Leader).It was two very intense days of work in which have been laying the groundwork to face the ambitious activity plan […]