Workshop of voice and group acrobatics

The workshop will include working with voice and movement compositions of group acrobatics. A part of the workshop will be dedicated to leaded vocal improvisations, group singing and exploration of voice. The other part we will learn basic of partner acrobatics and human pyramids. We wish to explore also joining both. We will cherish listening to each other on different levels. The bodies will become alive and create a living organism.

The workshops will last 6 hours a day, 3 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Friday and Saturday, we will use the exercises that we will develop during the workshops for intimate interventions / landscapes that arise in different venues, along the paths at the Floating Castle Festival.

Methods: Voice, movement and contact improvisation, exercises from physical theatre and partner acrobatics. The workshop will be led by three mentors who deal with voice and movement, especially partner acrobatics and expressive dance: Kristina Debenjak (SLO), Eva Zibler (SLO) and Anna Weber (IT).

Date: 20.- 24. 7. 2021
Location: Snežnik Castle and surrounding corners in nature