A synergy with ordinary didactic and audience development activities of the partners will take place, as in the ongoigns of the projects the experiences of puppetry or design practiotioners from the partnership will integrate in their practice, so that P&D activities and concepts will find their way in workshops and educationals which do not appear in the project programme, yet they will work as a multiplier for it.

Moreover, the P&D Festival represents a node of the project activities, the real meeting point between activities targeted at professionals and those targeted at the audience. On occasion of festivals and creative residencies, adults and children will benefit of organised meetings with attending artists, and hands-on workshops, especially for children (E.g. Children Design). The following project activities will be mainly addressed to actual or potential audience:

– 6 meetings of designers and artists from the partner organizations with schools and universities in IT, CZ, SI (3 meetings in 2020, 3 in 2021) to be coordinated by IED and prepared in the host country by the local partner. These meetings are an important occasion of dialugues with the young generations, who can be both tomorrow professionals and a new audience for the presented arts;

– Puppet & Design International Exhibition, to be displayed as opening of the 3rd (final in the project lifetime) editions of the P&D Festival. It will be dedicated to a general public, with the purpose to show them outputs and results of the project by installations and performing paths (3 editions in IT, CZ, SI);

– Puppet & Design International Meeting (in I) to provide a public presentation of the project in the whole, its goals, research, activities and products at the end of the project. It will take place in SI and will be open to institutions and stakeholders upon invitation or registration.