Padova (Italy), 17-21 May 2021

“Waste Puppet Design: Let’s take a portrait with our objects”

“… The artist, the one who over time has always dealt with the deepest things in life, sometimes considered as inspired by the Gods themselves, now chooses to deal carefully with the elementary poverty of straw … the piece of cardboard, the debris, boxes of sweets, traces of the wind, the drain of the rain, broken dishes … and hundreds of other things”. (Antoni Tàpies)



CTA of Gorizia, project leader of the European project “Puppets & Design”, organizes the workshop “Waste Puppets Design. WHAT I AM, WHAT I WAS” in collaboration with the University of Padova DAMS/SPM Degree Courses.



This workshop is aimed at developing sensitivity and skills among students and professionals from the world of theater and design regarding issues of recycling and creative reuse of waste materials. It will deal with our emotional relationship with objects by investigating their ability to represent us, to express something of who we are and/or what we were, starting from the recovery of objects, instruments, appliances, waste materials that represent participants and that are linked to an age of their life. The workshop will start from the recovery of objects, instruments, appliances, waste materials with which to create dramaturgical and plastic elements. We will create together dramaturgical and plastic elements that, at the end of the activity, will give life to a final performance-installation that will feature the whole group of participants, under the guidance of Antonio Panzuto, Italian artist and scenographer, flanked by the Spanish designer Miguel Leiro. The results of the laboratory can be presented at the laboratory headquarters – the Panzuto atelier in Padua – and on the occasion of the Puppet & Design festival which will take place in Gorizia in September 2021.



The workshop will take place at the “Atelier” in via Luigi Pastro 7A, Padova (Italy), from 17 to 21 May 2021 for a total of 42 hours.



It’s addressed to European citizens of any age up to a maximum of 20 participants. The project managers of the CTA of Gorizia will evaluate candidate’s motivations, skills, competences and experiences derived from the curriculum, and will communicate the results of the evaluation to the admitted and not admitted.



The registration to the workshop is free. All those interested are invited to register together with their Curriculum Vitae, using the appropriate application form on the project website.
The deadline for registration to the laboratory is set on 105 May 2021 at 12.00.
Participation is free of costs.



Starting from the shape and aesthetics of “our” object, to transform it. Find the lucidity of an intuition to consciously dominate it. Dare the paradox of imagination to buildunexplainable forms. Use the technique to reversethe logic of the operation. Dominate the hidden side of things, to study its ironicand surreal side. Playing with the potential of chance.

We can use:
alarm clocks, glasses, maps,
glass bottles,
drawings, sheets, envelopes, paper, coffee machines,
twine, ropes, glue, cups,
jars, old pieces of wood,
pieces of wood found on the beach,
nails, hammers,
boxes, brushes, buckets,
pieces of rust, postcards, plastic bottles,
books, fans, balls, old toys,
new toys, fabrics, curtains, cushions, feathers,
computer parts,
irons, plates, scissors, tapes, shoes, clothes,
photographs, light bulbs,
phone directories, playing cards,
posters, newspapers, irons,
electrical switches,
pens, markers, pencils, wheels, wheels, gears,
suitcases, cartons, propellers, springs,
balls, chess,
umbrellas, iron wire, keys,
bicycle parts,
headlights, automobile arrows, rubber bands, chairs,
rugs, toothbrushes,
brooms, tin boxes, vases, wicker baskets,
tennis balls, socks, thread, wool,
clothespins, combs, sponges,
colors, pencils, colored glasses, stones, bamboo …

To have this material available, we ask each participant to bring from home several objects that represent it, of various sizes, non-trivial and that can be reused without problems to create their own “portrait”, immersing themselves in the unattainable slopes of a work art. We will use the hammer and nails, the welding machine and the computer, the pencil and the string,the stone and the paper, the motors and the clay, the look and the attention but hands more than anything else.


CTA – Centro Teatro Animazione e figure di Gorizia
viale XX Settembre, 14 34170 Gorizia
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WHAT I AM, WHAT I WAS Workshop Waste Puppets Design.