Living Object 2021 in Slovenia


Living Object Workshop in Slovenia

14th-18th July 2021



The Living Object workshop was structured to analyze the body in relation to spaces and objects, in order to investigate the relationship between the space of our bodies, the space around us and the objects that inhabit our daily lives.

We constantly compose physical songs with our bodies. We are in a constant spatial relationship with the world. Can we, through physical activity, prepare our bodies to produce actions by awakening the necessary awareness in order to create a good relationship to our surroundings?

The new edition of European Workshop Living Object, as part of Puppets & Design project, will be hosted in the Floating Castle Festival in Plavajoči Grad (Slovenia). The workshop open to all European Puppetry professional will be performed by Lutkovno Gledalisce Ljubljana Theatre from the 14th to the 21st July 2021.



Floating Castle is not only a festival. It is a community, a platform connecting artists and art itself with people in everyday life. It is a place of surprises and definitely an experience that is every time special in its uniqueness, intermediality, and candidness. This feeling is created by scenographers, who co-create spaces and the atmosphere around the Snežnik Castle. One kilometer of forest and meadows is transformed into a total theater, where visitors are unknowingly invited to become a part of the performance.

Floating Castle festival brings us top concerts of ethno, jazz, electronic, and experimental music in addition to puppet shows for kids and adults, modern and tribal fusion, dance performances, circus, intermedial events, as well as street and theater performances. This year we prepared an extended programme created by over 400 artists from all over the world. Join us on 14 stages between trees, rocks and the castle!



Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana
Krekov trg 2,
1000 Ljubljana
Ph. +386 1 300 09 82

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