The Paper Theatre


dates:  7th – 11th  June 2022

working time :  20 hours in total

From Tuesday to Thursday from 3.00 PM  to 7.00 PM ;  Friday from 5.00 PM  to 9.00 PM  Saturday from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM

Location  : Gorizia , room  Dora Bassi – Garibaldi street , 7

Trainer workshop: Brane Solce


During the workshop, first you need to get acquainted with the material – paper.

Participants will follow step by step some indications to create a simple “living” paper structure. By folding, smashing, cutting and combining, some basic paper modules will be instantly animated.

During the work it will always be possible to experiment, interact with the other participants and add original details, developing these simple shapes into something more complex and creative.

We will produce some models of paper puppets, abstract shapes and masks that will be an inspiration for the larger puppets, always taking advantage of the advantages of a material such as paper: lightness, low cost, recyclability, variety of colors and quality.



Centro Teatro Animazione e figure
via Coronini, 17 | 34170 Gorizia (all’interno di Parco Coronini Cronberg)
t. +39 0481.537280 f. +39 0481.545204

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