Living Object (Gorizia)


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Living Object

The table, the chair, the window

Workshop on body, space and object

By CTA Gorizia


Dates: Ā 3rd – 7th december 2021

Working time: 20 hours in total

Location: Gorizia , presso Teatro Comunale ā€œGiuseppe Verdiā€ – via Garibaldi, 2/A

Trainers: Balletto Civile with Alessandro Pallecchi, Giulia Spattini and Maurizio Camilli; the visual artist FrancoĀ HĆ¼llerĀ  and the photographer Kaciaryna PikireniaĀ  from Prague will take part in the work.


ā€œDuring the day, a window is a beautiful lampā€

Gae Aulenti


The workshop offers an investigation about the relationship between our space-body, the space that surrounds us and the objects that inhabit our daily life. We compose continuous physical song with the body and we are constantly in spatial relationship with the world.

We are in the foreground sitting at a table, then we become the background looking out of a window, and in this trajectory which changes the perspective, we interact with others.

How does our vision change if objects are moved in space? How does our way of relating to them change according to the point of view from which we observe them?

Are we aware of when we are the main action?

Through physical work we will make our body ready to build actions by awakening the necessary awareness in order to have a good relationship to what is around us.

The space we occupy is never neutral.


Each participant will be asked to bring an object of daily use with them.



Centro Teatro Animazione e figure
via Coronini, 17 | 34170 Gorizia (all’interno di Parco Coronini Cronberg)
t. +39 0481.537280 f. +39 0481.545204Ā

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